Poster Prize and Prize for the best Presentation at the FSC-Conference 2022


Anne-Christine Kick and Philipp Jürling-Will win the Poster Prize and Prize for the best Presentation at this year's FSC-Conference of the Fuel Science Center.

  Anne-Christine Kick is awarded the Poster Prize Copyright: © Prof. Walter Leitner

Anne-Christine Kick from the Group of Prof. Leitner was awarded the Best Poster Prize at this year's FSC-Conference. The poster with the title "Mechanistic Insights into Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with Rh-Complexes" details how an electrochemically generated Rh(-I)-complex electrochemically catalyses the reduction of CO2 to CO formic acid. The mechanism was investigated via the spectroelectrochemical methods SEC-UV/VIS and SEC-NMR.

Furthermore, Philipp Jürling-Will, also from the Group of Prof. Leitner, was awarded the Prize for the best Presentation for his presentation with the title "A Renewable Route to Acetic Acid and Methyl Acetate via Palladium Catalyzed Isomerisation of Methyl Formate". It was about a new potential sustainable route for the formation of the important base product acetic acid, which is based on CO2.

We congratulate Anne-Christine and Philipp on their success!