Christina Erken receives Poster Prize at the ISHC 2018


At the 21st International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (ISHC 2018) in Amsterdam, Christina Erken from the group of Prof. Leitner was awarded with the 1st place of poster prizes. She received the award for her poster titled "Manganese-catalyzed hydroboration of acids".

  Christina Erken

In collaboration with Dr. Suman Sen and Akash Kaithal (also both from the group of Prof. Leitner), Christina worked on the hydroboration of challenging substrates such as carboxylic acids. By using new Manganese pincer complexes an excellent selectivity towards the corresponding alkyl boronate esters was achieved. On her poster Christina showed both, the optimization of the reaction conditions as well as a screening of the substrate scope.

We congratulate Christina on her success.