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Andree Iemhoff
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Stabilized single atoms in catalysis in the context of immobilized molecular complexes and nanoparticles.

The stabilization of isolated atoms on heterogeneous supports has drawn significant attention in literature in the recent years. Although the presence of these species is expected to contribute significantly to current heterogeneously catalyzed processes, a deeper understanding of the catalysts is necessary in order to use their full potential in comparison to defined metal-organic complexes.

Covalent Triazine Framworks (CTFs) combine the stability of traditional support materials with the ability to coordinate molecular as well as nanoparticulate metal species by nitrogen moieties. By systematic variation of the monomers, the porosity and nitrogen content can be tailored, which is a prerequisite for the stabilization of sub-nanometer metal species. Model reactions addressing current topics in our society include catalytic formic acid decomposition as well as CO-oxidation, also because different studies from the homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis community exist.

Research assignments focusing on the synthesis, characterization and application of these materials are available. If interested, please contact me by Email.


A. Iemhoff, J. Deischter, S. Jung, G.Tuci, G. Giambastiani , R. Palkovits ; Polymer-inspired covalent triazine frameworks from the carbonaceous side – influence of unexpected surface functionalisation on liquid-phase adsorption processes , J. Mater. Chem. A , 2021, Advance Article