Ordered Donor-Acceptor Complex Formation and Electron Transfer in Co-deposited Films of Structurally Dissimilar Molecules

Opitz, Andreas (Corresponding author); Peter, Clea; Wegner, Berthold; Matte, H. S. S. Ramakrishna; Röttger, Adriana; Florian, Timo; Xu, Xiaomin; Beyer, Paul; Grubert, Lutz; Hecht, Stefan; Belova, Valentina; Hinderhofer, Alexander; Schreiber, Frank; Kasper, Christian; Pflaum, Jens; Zhang, Yadong; Barlow, Stephen; Marder, Seth R.; Koch, Norbert

Washington, DC : American Chemical Society (2020)
Journal Article

In: The journal of physical chemistry / C
Volume: 124
Issue: 20
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 11023-11031


  • Department of Chemistry [150000]
  • Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry [154610]