Polysiloxane-Based Single-Ion Conducting Polymer Blend Electrolyte Comprising Small-Molecule Organic Carbonates for High-Energy and High-Power Lithium-Metal Batteries

Liang, Hai-Peng; Zarrabeitia, Maider; Chen, Zhen; Jovanovic, Sven; Merz, Steffen; Granwehr, Josef; Passerini, Stefano (Corresponding author); Bresser, Dominic (Corresponding author)

Weinheim : Wiley-VCH (2022)
Journal Article

In: Advanced energy materials
Volume: 12
Issue: 16
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 2200013


  • Department of Chemistry [150000]
  • Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry [154810]
  • In-Operando Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Teaching and Research Area [155520]