Organometallic Synthesis of Bimetallic Cobalt‐Rhodium Nanoparticles in Supported Ionic Liquid Phases (Co$_{x}$Rh$_{100−x}$@SILP) as Catalysts for the Selective Hydrogenation of Multifunctional Aromatic Substrates

Rengshausen, Simon; Van Stappen, Casey; Levin, Natalia; Tricard, Simon; Luska, Kylie L.; DeBeer, Serena; Chaudret, Bruno; Bordet, Alexis (Corresponding author); Leitner, Walter (Corresponding author)

Weinheim / Wiley-VCH (2020, 2020) [Fachzeitschriftenartikel]

Small : nano micro
Band: 17
Ausgabe: 5
Seite(n): 2006683