Nanovesicles displaying functional linear and branched oligomannose self-assembled from sequence-defined Janus glycodendrimers

Washington, DC / National Acad. of Sciences (2020) [Journal Article]

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Volume: 117
Issue: 22
Page(s): 11931-11939


Selected Authors

Xiao, Qi
Delbianco, Martina
Sherman, Samuel E.
Reveron Perez, Aracelee M.
Bharate, Priya

Other Authors

Pardo-Vargas, Alonso
Rodriguez-Emmenegger, Cesar
Kostina, Nina Yu
Rahimi, Khosrow
Söder, Dominik
Möller, Martin
Klein, Michael L.
Seeberger, Peter H.
Percec, Virgil