Author Correction: A simple and versatile design concept for fluorophore derivatives with intramolecular photostabilization

van der Velde, Jasper H. M.; Oelerich, Jens; Huang, Jingyi; Smit, Jochem H.; Aminian Jazi, Atieh; Galiani, Silvia; Kolmakov, Kirill; Gouridis, Giorgos; Eggeling, Christian; Herrmann, Andreas; Roelfes, Gerard; Cordes, Thorben

London] : Nature Publishing Group UK (2018)
Journal Article (Erratum/Correction)

In: Nature Communications
Volume: 9
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 16232


  • Department of Chemistry [150000]
  • Chair of Macromolecular Materials and Systems [155910]