Chemistry Master


Prerequisite for the Master of Science degree program is a recognized degree in Bachelor of Science Chemistry. The classes in the Master's degreee programm do base on the content of the classes of the Bachelor's degree program. The aim of the Master's degree program is the deepening of the professional competence and the preparation for research and scientific work.

The regular study period is four semesters, with the fourth semester devoted to the master's thesis. Each of the chairs at the ITMC offers
appropriate topics . In the first three semesters, lectures are held and research placements are held.

The Master's degree in Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University is characterized by a very high degree of flexibility in the choice and sequence of lectures and lectures. At the beginning of the Master's program, two out of four possible deepening directions are chosen, which focus on thematic and interdisciplinary topics and, in addition to compulsory lectures, also open up further options. The four recesses offered are:

SYN - Bioactive compounds and synthetic methods
CAT - Catalysis
MES - Materials and Mesoscopic Systems: Solids, Polymers and Nanostructures
COS - Computer Chemistry and Spectroscopy

You will find detailed information and information about the course selection and study planning on the page of the organization of the lectures.

You will find a list of the lectures offered as well as the lecture shifts to be considered on the pages
Lecture timetable

The individual choice possibilities resulting from the high flexibility adapt themselves to the interests of the students, promote an interdisciplinary understanding and excellent, interdisciplinary research.


List of all Chemistry Master Lectures

Lecture title teaching person
Applied Molecular Catalysis

Prof. Dr. Klankermayer
Prof. Dr. Leitner

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Prof. Dr. Wiegand
Biomaterials Prof. Dr. De Laporte
Characterization Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis Dr. Hausoul
Colloidal Hydrogels: Synthesis and Applications in Functional Materials Prof. Dr. Pich
Heterogeneous Catalysis and Environmental Catalysis Prof. Dr. Palkovits
In Situ Spectroscopy for Process Control Prof. Dr. Liauw
Instrumental Analysis of Polymers PD Dr. Adams

Mechanistic Studies in Molecular Catalysis

Prof. Dr. Klankermayer

Prof. Dr. Wiegand

Multiphase Catalysis: Principle and Industrial Application Prof. Dr. Leitner
Nanostructured Catalysts: Synthesis, Characterization and Application

Prof. Dr. Palkovits

Prof. Piccini

Reaction Engineering Prof. Dr. Liauw
Scientific Computing for Chemical Reaction Engineering Dr. Palkovits
Soft Matter Nanosience Dr. Zhu
Structures and Properties of Macromolecules and Polymeric Materials

PD Dr. Adams

Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Klankermayer

Dr. Schneidewind