Hannah Felicitas Mathews; Photo from DWI Website


Hannah Felicitas Mathews, née Blasius

M. Sc.
DWI - Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials e.V. and Chair of Functional and Interactive Polymers

PhD Student


Building: 5393/Bestandsbau

Office: 38B 234

Lab: B 3.51

DWI - Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials e.V.

Forckenbeckstraße 50

52074 Aachen


Phone: Büro: +49 241 80 29850; Labor: +49 241 80 23388
  Hannah Blasius Research Copyright: © Hannah Blasius

Overview on Research

Hannah Mathews investigates the synthesis, functionalization and characterization of polyampholyte microgels and their selective organization into supracolloidal structures. This assembly occurs by means of different intermolecular forces such as covalent, electrostatic or weak-physical interaction. Tailored architectures and incorporation of specific chemical moieties are further supposed to allow for the encapsulation of biological substrates to protect them from harmful environments or to apply them in biocatalysis.

Research focus

  • Synthesis and characterization of responsive (polyampholyte) microgels
  • Fabrication and characterization of supracolloidal structures
  • Uptake and release of biological molecules (peptides, DNA)


SFB 985 A3: Polyampholyte Microgels for Stimuli-Responsive Assembly