Chemistry Bachelor Teacher Training Program


The Teacher Training Programs Bachelor course offers future chemistry teachers an extensive training. You will receive a profound knowledge of the basic chemistry and the subject-matter chemistry, which you will need for your later teaching activities.

The Teacher Training Programs Bachelor course lasts
6 semesters. It includes lectures and practical courses in the fields of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, phyiscal chemistry, technical and macromolecular chemistry, as well as lectures and exercises in teaching methodology . The Teacher Training Programs Bachelor is finished with the Bachelor thesis.

In the fourth semester, the lecture
Allgemeine Technische und Makromolekulare Chemie (2 SWS) will be offered in the module SYN/KAT by ITMC. In the following semster the internship Technisches und Makromolekulares chemisches Praktikum (4 SWS) hooks up to the lecture.

You will find detailed information about the
Teacher Training Programs Bachelor and preliminary chemistry course on these pages. The contact person for this program is the Fachstudienberater.