Chemistry Bachelor


The bachelor's degree course in chemistry covers six semesters and provides basic knowledge in the chemical disciplines as well as solid basic knowledge in mathematics and physics. The study program is complemented by extra-curricular modules in which, for example, foreign language and computer skills, knowledge of economic and legal questions or presentation experience can be acquired.

From the third semester onwards additionally to the intensive study of the basic subjects also
technical chemistry and macromolecular chemistry is an important part of the curriculum according to the profile of a technical university. In each subject, the practical skills of chemical working techniques is an important part of the curiculum. The teaching and practical classes in these two disciplines are provided by the members of the ITMC.

The Bachelor's program will be completed in the sixth semester with the Bachelor's thesis. Each of the chairs at ITMC offers the
appropriate topics .


Events in Winter Semester

During the Winter Semester term following events will take palce at ITMC:


  • For participation in the practical course "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry" I: Modules ALG1 and ALG2
  • For participation in the partial course Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry I: Modules ALG1 and ALG2


  • The semester-accompanying internship is divided into three courses. Each course has a one-day course in the
    week and the students are assigned to one of the courses by a registration procedure, that is, The students have one day of internship per week. Several tests have to be taken during the internship. Only when all attempts have been passed, the internship has been passed. The internship is graded and the grade is calculated from the achievements of the individual internship tests.
  • At the end of the lectures in winter semester, a partial course "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry I" is written, both of which have to be written in Technical Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry.

Events during Summer Semester Term

During the Summer Semester term following events will take palce at ITMC:


  • For participation in the practical course "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry II": Passed exam of Technical and Macromolecular Chemitry I
  • For participation in the exam "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry II": Successful completion of the experimental work in the internship  "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry II"


At the end of the classes an exam will be written about the lecture "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry II" as well as about the internship course "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry II". A prerequisite for attending the exam is the successful completion of the "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry I" exam as well as the associated internship. After successful completion of the exams "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry I" and "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry II", all required services for the module TMCA have been provided.