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Iron-nickel electrocatalysts for alkaline water electrolysis

Global warming and the ever-increasing energy demand necessitate the development of alternative and sustainable fuels. Hydrogen, which can be produced in an environmentally friendly and emission-free manner by the electrolysis of water is a promising alternative energy carrier to conventional fuels. One problem that currently prevents large-scale industrial application is the large overpotential on the oxygen side. This overpotential comes from kinetic inhibition caused by a complex four-electron mechanism. Electrocatalysts that lower the kinetic barrier and have a long lifetime in the electrolyte medium are therefore essential for efficient green hydrogen production. Amongst many possible catalyst systems, iron-nickel layered double hydroxides were found to be highly active, stable and cost-efficient catalysts for alkaline water splitting. Moreover, the complexity of the material offers versatile adjustment opportunities and makes the material highly interesting for researchers.

Research focus

  • Synthesis of iron-nickel layered double hydroxides and application on suitable electrode materials
  • Application of different electrochemical measurement methods to characterize the catalyst
  • Kinetic investigation of the catalyst on the OER side and determination of the structure-activity relationship