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Elisabeth Klindtworth
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Borohydride and Formic Acid as H2 Storage Materials

The ever increasing demand for sustainable energy sources requires the development of alternative energy systems. Especially for mobile applications of fuel cells, the introduction of H2 as an environmentally friendly energy source is very promising. Thereby, H2 storage is the key factor. Current H2 storage technologies include pressure vessels, cryogenic storage or chemically bound H2.

For the implementation of H2 in portable electronic applications, a H2 storage medium with a melting point below room temperature (RT) and tailored catalytic H2 release is essential. Two potential candidates are borohydride in combination with ionic liquids as well as formic acid.

Research interests

  • Catalyst synthesis for hydrogen release from formic acid
  • Optimization of catalytic hydrogen release for fuel cell applications
  • Planning and construction of a pilot plant for gas-phase catalysis

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