Yannick Tschauder

Yannick Tschauder
Lehrstuhl für Heterogene Katalyse und Technische Chemie


Building: Sammelbau Chemie

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Worringerweg 1

52074 Aachen


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200 % E - Electrocatalytic Conversion of Cellobiose

A lot of sugar is consumed in the western world. Not only deliberately for example through soft drinks, but also in industrially manufactured foods such as sausage and bread. Food industry is using sugar not only to sweeten products, but also for consistency and texture. It is therefore important to develop sugar substitutes that are less caloric and have similar taste and properties to sucrose. Cellobitol is a promising alternative. It is a sugar alcohol that is not recognized by the body as sugar and is therefore not metabolized. Cellobitol is produced by the electrocatalytic reduction of cellobiose - the basic building block of cellulose. The synthesis from biomass with excess electricity and the coupling with a simultaneous electrocatalytic oxidation leads to a resource-saving process that counteracts climate change.

Research focus:
• Synthesis of Cellobitol
• Setting up an analysis for the detection of the reaction products
• Manufacture of suitable electrocatalysts
• Investigation of potentially useful counter-reactions