Sebastian Seidel
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Sebastian Seidel

M. Sc.

Chair of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry


Building: Sammelbau Chemie

Room: 38B 321

Worringerweg 1

52074 Aachen



Sebastian Seidel´s research project

The continuous use of fossil carbon sources is not only limited by their limited quantity and thus not sustainable, but also constantly increases the CO2 content of the atmosphere, thus further driving climate change. The use of CO2 as a raw material enables a closed carbon cycle and thus offers a solution to these two problems.

Within the framework of the Palkovits group a series of highly active, porous, polymer-based single-site catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to and hydrogen generation from formic acid has already been developed. However, the various catalyst systems still present challenges for a technical implementation. Examples are the pronounced swelling and shrinking behavior, problems in shaping and the strong pressure drop that occurs especially in technically interesting continuously operated reactors. By forming inorganic-organic hybrid materials and varying the crosslinking within the polymers, these immobilized molecular catalysts are to be made technically usable.

Main research topics:

  •  Single-site catalysts ("Covalent Triazene Frameworks" COFs, and polyphosphines)
  • Continuous liquid and gas phase decomposition of formic acid
  • Synthesis of inorganic-organic hybrid catalyst materials