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Sonja Mürtz
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Investigation of the electrocatalytic pyrrolidone synthesis based on biogenic acids

Due to the expansion of renewable energies, the efficient storage or use of excess electricity is playing an increasingly important role. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop biomass based reaction networks in order to replace the fossil raw material base and thus save CO2 emissions and close carbon cycles. The electrochemical synthesis deals with both challenges: It offers the possibility to use the excess electricity to produce biomass-based fine chemicals.

The electrocatalytic reductive amination of levulinic acid to pyrrolidones represents an interesting approach to produce a valuable intermediate from an important biogenic platform chemical. Pyrrolidones are building blocks for the production of special polymers with a wide range of possible uses in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food industries. So far, they have been produced on a fossil basis using thermochemical processes.

Research focus:

  • Mechanistic investigations using model compounds
  • Impact of process variables such as applied current, electrolyte or solvent on respective reaction systems