Longfei Liao

M. Sc.
Longfei Liao
Lehrstuhl für Heterogene Katalyse und Technische Chemie


Building: Sammelbau Chemie

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Covalent triazine-based frameworks as tailored catalysts for the photocatalytic conversion of biogenic chemicals.

1. Covalent triazine-based frameworks (CTFs) are an interesting and novel class of highly cross-linked polymers that fulfill these requirements for a photocatalyst. The polymerization of numerous different dinitrile building blocks in the presence of strong Lewis or Brønsted acids gives rise to highly porous, nitrogen-rich and carbonaceous frameworks, which have optimal semiconductor properties for use in photocatalysis.

2. Photocatalytic oxidation could also be applied to a variety of other biomass-based compounds based on the catalyst class presented, so that a completely renewable value-chain would be conceivable.

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Curriculum Vitae

2018 – Present, PhD, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
2014 – 2017, M.Sc., South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China