Nils Kurig


Dr. rer. nat.

Nils Kurig

Chair of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry

Group leader


Building: Sammelbau Chemie

Room: 38B 324

Worringerweg 2

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 26466
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 22177


  • Organic electrochemistry for biomass conversion
    • Electrochemical reaction engineering
    • Coupled electrolysis
    • Spectroelectrochemistry

Curriculum Vitae

2023 -

Group Leader, ITMC, RWTH Aachen University

2019 - 2023

Ph.D. (summa cum laude), Electrochemical conversion of biomass, ITMC, RWTH Aachen University

2016 - 2018

M. Sc. chemistry (top mark), focus on catalysis and spectroscopy/theoretical chemistry, RWTH Aachen University

2013 - 2016

B. Sc. Chemistry, RWTH Aachen

Awards / Scholarships

2019 - 2022

PhD scholarship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes e.V.


Springorum-Denkmünze of the Förderverein of RWTH Aachen University

2017 - 2018

Scholarship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes e.V.


Chemistry Prize of the Chemistry Department of RWTH Aachen University


Nils Kurig, Regina Palkovits, Electrochemical nitration for organic C-N bond formation: a current view on possible N-sources, mechanisms, and technological feasibility, Green Chemistry, 2023.

Justus Kümper, Jérôme Meyers, Rebecca Sebers, Nils Kurig, Regina Palkovits, Electrochemical transformation of d,l-glutamic acid into acrylonitrile, Green Chemistry, 2023.

Nils Kurig, Micjel Chávez Morejón, Yannick S. Tschauder, Falk Harnisch, Regina Palkovits, Electrochemical Cellobiose Valorization: Anodic Oxidation to Cellobionic Acid and Cathodic Reduction to Cellobitol, ChemistrySelect, 2023.

N. Kurig, J. Meyers, E. Richter, S. Palkovits, R. Palkovits, 3D Printed Microreactors for the Continuous Non-Kolbe Electrolysis, Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 2022.

S. Mürtz, N Kurig, FJ Holzhäuser, R. Palkovits, Reviving electrocatalytic reductive amination: a sustainable route from biogenic levulinic acid to 1, 5-dimethyl-2-pyrrolidone, Green Chemistry, 2021.

J. Meyers, N. Kurig, C. Gohlke, M. Valeske, S. Panitz, F. J. Holzhäuser, R. Palkovits, Intramolecular Biradical Recombination of Dicarboxylic Acids to Unsaturated Compounds: New Approach to an Old Kolbe Reaction, ChemElectroChem, 2020.

N. Kurig , J. Meyers , F. J. Holzhäuser , S. Palkovits , R. Palkovits, (Non-)Kolbe Chemistry Going with the Flow: The Continuous Electrolysis of Biogenic Acids, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2020.

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