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Research Projects

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Bachelor and Master Thesis

We are constantly looking for students who would like to do their bachelor or master thesis in the research field of macromolecular chemistry in the working group of Professor Pich. In case you are interested please contact Prof. Pich directly or the PhD students. For an adequate application, please add to your request: your CV, a certification with all examinations and a short motivation.

Research Projects

Throughout the year, various research projects, in the research concentrations SYN and MES, are offered on constantly changing topics in the working group. Students who are interested in doing research work with us as part of their studies in the field of macromolecular chemistry are best advised to contact the corresponding PhD student. A visit to the working group in order to get an overview is also possible.

Recent Topics

Research can be completed in the following research projects:

  • Synthesis of biobased hybrid hydrogels from the biological component fibrin and synthetic functional polymers ( Miriam Al Enezy-Ulbrich and Shannon Jung)
  • Synthesis and characterization of functional microgels for the immobilization of enzymes and small biomolecules (Thomke Bethle)
  • Functionalization, synthesis and characterization of polyampholyte microgels and their targeted assembly into supracolloidal structures (Hannah Felicitas Mathews)
  • Synthesis of covalently and supramolecularly crosslinked microgels in batch and flow processes and their characterization (Susanne Braun)
  • Synthesis and characterization of colloidal polyphosphazene polymers for use as flame retardants (Laura Hetjens)
  • Development of new colloidal catalysts by the integration of metal catalysts into microgels (Frédéric Grabowski and Oliver Fiukowski)
  • Synthesis and characterisation of bio-based polyamides and polyesters (Leon Klug)
  • Design of biocompatible supramolecular microgels using microfluidics (Michael Maier and Selin Bulut)
  • Synthesis and functionalization of sustainable microgel systems for plant protection (Fabian Kolodzy and Tim Sassmann)
  • Preparation of amine-rich nano-, micro- & hydrogels with multifunctional nanoparticles for photothermal tumor therapy
  • Surface modification of substrates such as glass with functional microgels and investigation of microgel-based coatings (Inga Litzen)
  • Synthesis and characterization of enzyme-regulated self-regenerating microgels and adaptive hydrogel coatings (Isabel Sommerfeld)
  • Synthesis and characterization of asymmetric and anisotropic functional microgels using liquid crystalline monomers (Nadja Wolter)