Research Prof. Pich


The research in Andrij Pich’s group is focused on chemical design of functional aqua-based polymers and colloids that are used as building blocks for design of interactive materials.

A key aspect is the synthesis of functional molecular building blocks such as monomers, macromonomers and prepolymers for controlled design of polymers and colloids via polymerization reactions in homogeneous/heterophase systems, by precipitation polymerization and microfluidic reaction technology. A special emphasis is on development of responsive nanogels, multicompartment and biohybrid particles.

Obtained functional polymers and colloids are used for generation of interactive materials like switchable catalyst carriers; theranostic agents; capsules with controlled permeability; nanofibres for accelerated wound healing; anti-bacterial implant coatings and printed flexible conducting films.

Annual Report of the DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials