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Leon Klug

M. Sc.

DWI - Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials e.V. and Chair of Functional and Interactive Polymers

PhD Student


Building:  5391/Bestandsbau

Room: B 1.51

DWI - Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials e.V.

Forckenbeckstraße 50

52074 Aachen

  Leon Klug Research © Leon Klung

Overview on Research

My research focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of bio-based polyamides and polyesters. Aliphatic bio-based diols, diamines and dicarboxylic acids, which have one or more functional groups, are used as monomers. Linear polyamides or polyesters are produced from these monomers by means of various polycondensation processes. Subsequently, the polymers are examined for their physicochemical properties by established analytical methods. Another focus is on the water solubility and biodegradability of those polymers. Due to the incorporated functional groups, the polymers serve as precursor polymers and are examined for sustainable applications in the detergent, cosmetics and textile industries or in medical products.

Research focus

  • Synthesis and characterisation of polyamides and polyesters
  • (Bio)degradability of polymers


Bio4MatPro - Bio4Clean: Functional diols and diamines as building blocks of new sustainable functional polymers for use in detergents and cleaning agents