Research Prof. Möller


Textile Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry

The research interest of Prof. Martin Möller and his team focuses on integrating molecular components, whose structure and dynamics are orchestrated by complex interactions on various length scales, into macroscopic materials, devices and in the end systems. For exceeding the passive functionalities of existing materials, the group researches on switchable material properties, the application of memory effects, the integration of energy conversion systems, as well as on internal feedback mechanisms. Beyond materials aspects the team aims at an integration of active characteristics into interacting material systems. The fields of application are diverse, dealing with water based polymer, surface finishing to biomedical application.

Martin Möller has a strong expertise in macromolecular synthesis, hydrogels and other biomaterials; self-assembly at interfaces; surface activation and modification by plasma processes; polymer chemistry (polymer architecture vs. properties); antimicrobial surfaces and nanoparticles.

Annual Report of the DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials