Research Prof. Liauw


In the group "Technical chemistry and reaction engineering", the aim is to produce valuable compounds from common raw materials and to maximize their production with precise process monitoring and control. By determining the whole network of reactions and their dependence on each other as well as process parameters the formation of undesired by-products can be reduced and prevented. For this purpose, the on-line monitoring of the process and the control of this process as close as possible to the optimal reaction path is important.

To find the optimale reaction path alternative reactor concepts and a change from batchwise to continuous operation mode are examined and useful reactor models are created and simulated. In our research group we do this by performing micro-and macro-kinetic studies, applying process analytical technologies, in short PAT, and developing new reactor concepts and microstructured sensors.

Currently we are working on the synthesis of biobased drop-in-solutions for fuels and fuel-additives as a part of the Carbon2Chem-project, the development of sustainable chemistry systems , in short SusChemSys, and engage in the synthesis of sustainable lubrication solutions. We also do research on the fields of photocatalysis and electrochemsitry.