Research Prof. Leitner


Technical Chemistry and Petrochemistry

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Our research aims at the generation of fundamental knowledge and technological expertise in the area of organomentallic catalysis, ranging from its molecular principles to reaction engineering concepts. The thematic focus of the projects addresses the interface of the energetic and chemical value chains.

Mechanistic understanding of organometallic catalysis, as developed by an integrated approach of experimental and computational studies, forms the basis of our efforts in development of molecular or nanoparticle catalysts. The targeted synthetic applications comprise in particular the utilization of CO2 as feedstock, selective transformation of biomass, and enantioselective catalysis. The potential of advanced fluids such as supercritical carbon dioxide and ionic liquids as alternative solvents or reaction media is intensively explored. This opens new processing windows including innovative methods for continuous flow operation.

Research Cluster:

TMFB - Tailor-made Fuels from Biomass

Kopernikus P2X - Power-to-X


BioSC - Bioeconomy Science Center


DGMK - Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle e.V.

Graduate schools:

SeLeCa - Selectivity in Chemo- and Biocatalysis

SuBiCat - Sustainable Biomass Catalysis

SINCHEM - Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

SusChemSys - Sustainable Chemical Synthesis

ACalNet - Aachen-California Network of Academic Exchange

Associated Groups

CAT - Catalytic Center der RWTH Aachen (Group leader: Dr. Afzal Subhani)

MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion, CEC (Director for Molecular Catalysis: Prof. Walter Leitner)

MPI für Kohlenforschung (Group leader: Dr. Nils Theyssen)