Research Prof. Herrmann


Macromolecular Materials and Systems

The Herrmann Group deals with genetically engineered biomacromolecules and bioorganic hybrid structures for various medical and technological applications. In particular, DNA-polymer conjugates and supercharged polypeptides are being fabricated by integrating tools from organic- and polymer chemistry as well as from molecular biology. For evolving complex functions the accurate assembly of different building blocks into well-defined nanoscopic aggregates is an important requirement. For their characterization various nanotechnology tools like scanning force microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and fluorescence-based techniques are utilized. Finally, the interactions of the assemblies with living matter are explored, e.g. in the context of advanced drug delivery vehicles reacting to external stimuli like ultrasound. Other applications are diagnostic and nano-electronic devices or the bottom-up construction of proto-cells.