My areas of research interest include nuclear magnetic resonance, short NMR, atomphysics, laser spectroscopy and the experimental investigation of fundamental phenomena of quantum physics.

At present, the research focus is on the physics of strongly coupled spins in very small magnetic fields and on new mechanisms of the transfer of spin orders. The key technologies of mobile NMR spectroscopy and imaging, short NMR, or MRT, and hyperpolarization have developed from these two fields of research.
Mobile NMR technology goes hand in hand with the technology of hyperpolarization, e.g. SEOP, PHIP, SPINOE, since the latter is also becoming more and more compact and efficient and can produce large nuclear spin polarizations even in the absence of a magnetic field. A current topic, in which my research group has contributed substancially, is the question of whether one still needs any or only an extremely small magnetic field up to 10-7 T for the structure elucidation of matter by means of high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance.

In the future, the combination of mobile NMR and hyperpolarization technology will find many applications in medical, biological and material sciences, and will also help to elucidate important fundamental phenomena and practical applications of quantum physics.