Magnetic Resonance Center (MARC)



Ines Bachmann-Remy

Techn. Angest.


+49 241 8026504



The Magnetic Resonance Center (MARC) is a joint facility of the different workgroups of ITMC. It is utilized to accomodate all activities of the ITMC workgroups concerning the area of magnetic resonance. MARC is one of a few laboratories worldwide well equipped for investigating a broad range of topics by NMR and to exploit the full potential of NMR technology.

The NMR machines serve high-resolution NMR spectroscopy to analyse the structure and dynamics of molecules in solution and in the solid state, NMR imaging to study the structure of objects from soft matter and to monitor the progress, localization and effects of chemical processes in chemical, biological and medical engineering.One integral part of MARC is the division for mobile low- field NMR for non-destructive testing and chemical analyses at the site of interest.

The unique equipment and expertise is applied in a variety of interdisciplinary research projects within ITMC, RWTH Aachen University, international cooperative projects, and industrial collaborations.

Responsible Head: Dr. Küppers / Prof. Klankermayer