Magnetic Resonance Center (MARC)


The Magnetic Resonance Center (MARC) is a joint facility of the different workgroups of ITMC. It is utilized to accomodate all activities of the ITMC workgroups concerning the area of magnetic resonance. MARC is one of a few laboratories worldwide well equipped for investigating a broad range of topics by NMR and to exploit the full potential of NMR technology.

The NMR machines serve high-resolution NMR spectroscopy to analyse the structure and dynamics of molecules in solution (liquid state NMR) and in the solid state (magic angel spinning [MAS] NMR), to monitor the progress of processes in chemical, biological and medical technology.

The unique equipment and expertise is applied in a variety of interdisciplinary research projects within ITMC, RWTH Aachen University, international cooperative projects, and industrial collaborations.

Responsible Head: Prof. Klankermayer / Dr. Küppers / Dr. Emondts