Synthesis microwave

Synthesis microwave Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

The microwave reactor “Anton Paar Monowave 450” can perform an organic synthesis by heating through microwave irritation. This is a very efficient way to introduce the needed reaction energy into the reaction system, which offers the possibility to perform reactions under milder conditions. Mixtures can be heated up to 300 °C with a maximum power of 850 W, while 30 bar is the maximal allowed pressure.

Room 38C 450 and 38B 336



High pressure autoclaves

High pressure autoclave Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

The autoclaves can be used for reactions at 250 - 300 °C and 100 - 200 bar.



Digestion autoclaves

Digestion autoclave Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

Digestion autoclaves for digestion reactions and reactions at ambient pressure.



Solvent purification system

Solvent dryer under inert atmosphere Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

Purification system for solvents for drying under an inert atmosphere.

Room: 38C 432




Glovebox Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

Gloveboxes from MBRAUN and Innovative Technology with one, two and four workplaces allow the handling of oxygen and moisture sensitive substances under argon atmosphere.

Room: 38C 432



Ball mill

Ball mill Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

The ball mill can be used to pulverize solid samples. Further, solid-solid reactions can be performed with the ball mill.