Further Spectroscopic Methods


In-situ ATR-IR-, ATR-UV/Vis- and Raman-Spectroscopy

Autoclave with in situ spectroscopic probe heads Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

In-situ spectroscopic measurements of different reaction systems can be performed under process conditions. The inline analyses can be done by the use of ATR-mIR-, ATR-UV/Vis- and Raman-spectroscopy. The use of chemometrics improve the chemical information content, that can be gained out of the experimental spectra.

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ATR Infrared spectroscopy

Bruker VERTEX 70 Copyright: © ITMC Aachen

Bruker VERTEX 70

As measuring units ATR-IR with diamond and germanium, transmission or DRIFTS can be applied. Furthermore, a broader spectral range can be covered with an FIR-extension.

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Sebastian Seidel

ATR Infrared spectroscopy


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Infrared Spectroscopy under Argon

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The ALPHA FT-IR from Bruker allows both ATR - IR and DRIFT measurements under inert atmosphere .

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