The Fuel Science Center will be funded as excellence cluster


The commission of excellence has chosen the 57 new excellencecluster. Initially submitted proposals were 88. Among the new clusters is also the "Fuel Science Center - Adaptive Umwandlungssyteme für erneuerbare Energie- und Kohlenstoffquellen" from RWTH Aachen.

  Cheering Professors © RWTH

Synthetic fuels based on non-fossil resources are an essential component of future energy systems. They offer the opportunity to harvest renewable energy for mobility and transport while reducing potential pollution. In order to exploit this potential, in the “Fuel Science Center” interdisciplinary teams from the fields of chemistry, biology, process engineering, mechanical engineering and social sciences develop solutions for the sustainable interface between energy and chemistry.

The team of the Institute for Chemical Technology is looking forward to researching fundamental questions on the design of bio-hybrid fuels together with colleagues at the RWTH Aachen, Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Max Planck Institutes for Coal Research and Chemical Energy Conversion.

More information are available on the DFG webpage.