DECHEMA-Prize for Professor Regina Palkovits


The DECHEMA-Prize for the year 2016 goes to Professor Regina Palkovits for her fundamental work in the area of heterogeneous catalyzed processes for the effective utilization of renewable resources.

  Autoclave adorned with grass and flowers Copyright: © RWTH Aachen AK Palkovits

The DECHEMA-Prize is granted annually and valued at 20,000 EUR. It is awarded for excellent work in the field of technical chemistry, process engineering, biotechnology and chemical engineering.

With this prize DECHEMA also supports the effective utilization of renewable resources. Regina Palkovits has already done research in this area for several years. For instance, her work facilitated the application of agricultural waste streams, which mainly consist of the biopolymers cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, under mild conditions. Amongst others her research also comprises the utilization of sugar molecules and tailor-made separation techniques for respective reaction mixtures.

The award ceremony devoted to the subject “The German Energy Transition – yes we can?!” will be held in Frankfurt on May 31, 2017.

Further informations on this topic are available on the webpage of the idw.