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First Kopernikus press morning


At the first Kopernikus press morning, the Kopernikus projects informed journalists about the energy system of the future and discussed the question “Climate economic stimulus program - which technologies should we use?”. Parts of the digital press morning are now also available for non-journalists.

The Kopernikus projects make up one of the largest research initiatives in Germany in the field of the energy transition. Their aim is to make it possible for Germany to be climate-neutral by 2050. Prof. Walter Leitner, spokesman for the P2X project, professor at RWTH Aachen, director at MPI-CEC, explains how P2X will research technologies in the areas of hydrogen and synthesis gas in the coming years.

You can find the video recordings of Prof. Leitner and the two speakers of the SynErgie and ENSURE projects here:

Power-to-X - Prof. Walter Leitner's contribution on the areas of hydrogen and synthesis gas.

SynErgie - Prof. Alexander Sauer's contribution on the demand for electricity from industry and the possible supply of the power grid.

ENSURE - Contribution by Prof. Joachim Kreusel on the future of the power grid that ENSURE will build in northern Germany starting from 2022 .

Panel discussion of the press morning.